Keeping Candidates Engaged Through The Hiring Process

So you’ve offered the perfect candidate a job! A congratulations is in order, and although you’re almost there, the task is not yet complete. Keeping a candidate engaged, or ‘warm’, in the late stages of the hiring process is an essential aspect of recruitment.

In the age of technology, video meetings, and remote work, communicating with candidates via email or SMS is more important than ever. If done right, you keep candidates warm and increase your chances of consistently acquiring top talent. The best communications keep your candidate informed and engaged through a blend of personalized messaging, resources, and strong employer branding.

Below are four key factors to implement in your candidate communication strategy:

  • Be prompt
  • Be personal
  • Be an ambassador for your brand
  • Communicate often


Be Prompt

Elucidate how you plan to communicate with the candidate as part of the job description.

Sending an email after a job offer is only the initial step to create an engaging candidate experience. 

When communicating with candidates, make sure they stay as informed as you are on where they stand in the hiring process. 

Be Personal

When crafting emails or texts, consider the different needs a candidate may have as they move through the process, and what information would be most beneficial at each step. Customize your communication accordingly.

Be an Ambassador for Your Brand

Show them what it’s truly like to work for your organization by including resources such as:

  • A company intro video showcasing your company culture
  • Recent company news and updates
  • Links to your career portal where candidates can check out other job openings
  • An invitation to connect with your organization on social media

Communicate Often

In order to make sure you’re keeping candidates invested and remain competitive, make sure you’re updating candidates on the status of their offer on a regular basis.


When communicating with candidates, it’s important to provide a simple and engaging experience that will leave them feeling confident about their place on your team. With the right messaging, you can keep your candidates feeling inspired and excited about your opportunities long after they’ve applied.