Marketing Your Recruitment Campaign

Before you can implement any of the marketing strategies in this blog, you need to know what your company offers that others don’t. What makes you unique? Why should a candidate choose your business over another? The content you put out should reflect the uniqueness of your firm. Otherwise, you’ll look like every other business. 

Knowing what makes your brand distinctive in combination with the tips below will help you to implement steps for success in marketing your recruitment campaign:


  1. Launch or update your website

If you don’t have a website, you’re behind the game. If you already have a website, you might consider a website update. It might be outdated, confusing, or lacking branding.

When people need to find something, like a business, they open up the internet and do a web search. The first few results that pop up are the winners that get attention. Your firm must show up when someone searches for jobs in your industry or the position you’re recruiting for.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of any website. It’s crucial to have on-page SEO for your job postings. Taking advantage of SEO will lead people to your site and services. Pay attention to items like page titles, headers, meta descriptions, and images on your site. Including key text will also help you show up in web searches. Include your location or service area, services, specialty areas, and job postings.

Having a blog can keep your website relevant. A blog gives more opportunities for your website to show up in searches, as you can use your blog to explain your business and provide resources for candidates.


  1. Use social media

81% of Americans have a social media account. With such a vast demographic of the population on social media, you should be on there, too.

Using social media allows you to connect more personally with clients and candidates. Leveraging social media will allow people to get to know you and your business. When you post regularly, you are frequently in front of your followers, reminding them of your business.

If your budget allows for it, you can create ads on social media. These are targeted ads that put your business in front of a specifically selected audience (in your case job seekers.)


  1. Create resources

Share your knowledge to get the attention of potential candidates. You can make webinars, videos, blogs posts, e-books, brochures, or other documents. Share your resources through email, social media, or another method.

The resources don’t have to be complex. You can simply write out your expert knowledge. You might talk about interview questions, company culture, or interesting information relating to your business or industry. 


  1. Show off

It’s alright to show off your skills and successes, especially if it helps your marketing efforts. Your accomplishments might be what some job seekers are looking for. Share your qualifications, certifications, and professional skills. Mention any awards you’ve won. Link to any media coverage where you were used as an expert source. Ask previous clients and candidates to share testimonials. You can put your achievements and skills on your website. Share successes on social media when they happen. You can also highlight items in your email signature or the main part of an email.

Marketing strategy and having a recognizable brand are key in running a successful recruitment campaign. Creating content that is engaging, relevant, and brand-aligning will attract premier talent and land you the candidates you need.