Tips for a Two Week Turn-Around

Once your fee agreement has been signed and confirmed, World Premier Agency (WPA) recruiters get started immediately on filling your position. This process has the potential to be completed with your ideal candidate’s contract signed within two weeks. Of course, there are necessary steps to ensure that the journey is efficient for all parties involved (candidate, company, and recruiter.)

Initially, a WPA recruiter and the hiring manager(s) will meet to reach a mutual understanding of what the requirements are for the vacancy. The job requirements will be reviewed thoroughly so that the recruiter can confidently gauge candidates. 

Frequently asked questions by recruiters:

  • How do you like to articulate your business to make it appealing to a candidate?
  • Can you tell me more in detail about your company culture?
  • What benefits or bonuses will you extend to the candidate?
  • What is the team structure and is there room for growth?

Be prepared for the recruiter to ask detailed questions outside of the job description, and provide transparency with the recruiter. Be open-minded about the insight they give you.

The job, it’s description, and requirements will then be posted, and the recruiter will begin an in-depth search for candidates, as well as leveraging qualified, pre-screened candidates already in their network. 

Recruiters will begin sending candidates to the hiring manager within the agreed timeframe.

Typically an interview will be set up at this time. We advise that all involved decision-makers on the hire are present at this interview and that a date and time most convenient for all parties to attend is selected. 

Swift feedback to the recruiter from how the interview(s) went is imperative to keep the turnaround process swift.

When a candidate is chosen for hire, salary negotiations can sometimes slow down the offer process. Ensuring all expectations of the candidate and role are communicated to the recruiter in the initial meeting will alleviate any chance of slowing down the process.

It is also advised that the hiring manager be proactive in preparing paperwork and contracts for the hire, as that allows the job offer to be prompt.

It is essential to ‘keep your candidate warm’ during this time, especially after the job offer. If the contract is not ready to go, the candidate may feel dismissed. Stay engaged with the candidate, congratulate them, introduce them to people in their team, and be prompt in communications.

There is no single secret to keeping the recruitment process streamlined, it is about ensuring consistency and success throughout a multitude of steps. With diligence and thorough communication in the process, you will have your position filled as quickly and conveniently as possible.