Have You Considered Hiring Remote Work Executive

Have You Considered Hiring a ‘Remote Work Executive’?

World Premier Agency recognizes that managing a team of remote workers is a very different experience than managing an in-house team  It requires additional technology skills and a diversified approach to how you manage your dispersed team.

If your company is planning to maintain their current number of remote workers or are looking for alternative ways to manage them, hiring a director of remote work could be the solution.

Remote teams have unique needs. Depending on your company’s needs, the number of remote workers, and your strategic plans, the role could take on a variety of shapes and sizes like remote work recruiting, remote work management, remote team leading, or Director of remote work. If you have a large number of employees, you may have a few remote work leaders.

What Are the Qualifications for the Role?

A manager of remote work can be thought of as a hybrid role. World Premier Agency characterizes it as a combination of HR and IT. The person fulfilling this role should have experience leading people. The ideal candidate should also have strong project and people management skills. They must be a champion for change and agility. This person also needs to have a detailed understanding of technologies, have excellent problem-solving abilities, and take an innovative approach to how workflows and processes are designed.

Benefits of Hiring a Remote Work Executive

There are a lot of advantages to hiring a remote work leader:

  • Maximize the effectiveness of your remote team
  • Oversee the hiring of remote workers
  • Facilitate remote team communications and engagement
  • Promote organizational culture
  • Ensure remote roles are in alignment with business objectives

So, should you recruit a remote work executive? If you are planning to have even some of your employees work from home, this is a new position that World Premier Agency recommends you consider adding. The leader in this position can help you ensure remote employees have proper resources, meet expectations, and assist with your organizational transformation to a more remote and agile organization.