Keeping Employees Engaged and Motivated When They Are Working-From-Home

Keeping employees engaged and motivated in their new setting at a large scale in such unprecedented times can be overwhelming.

As work from home continues to be a factor in many businesses, crucial engagement factors that managers and business owners should acknowledge include:

Community Building:

The need for effective communication is now more than ever. It is quite natural for work from home employees to feel lost, isolated and unmotivated.

Investing in the best video conferencing tools and collaboration tools, creating a forum for employees to share personal and professional updates and assigning group tasks to encourage teamwork are great ways to redefine community building. Reach out and have frequent water-cooler conversations with employees and assign time for “non-work” discussion. Conduct virtual team activities like multiplayer games, quizzes etc.

Meaningful Goal Setting:

Working from home is often subjected to distractions and it becomes difficult to set boundaries between personal and professional lives. Setting meaningful goals for employees will ensure effective utilization of time. Set clear deliverables and specific metrics that will enable you to track outcomes and measure results effectively. Conduct virtual meetings from time to time to take updates and ensure that things are on track.

Rewards & Recognition:

Employee recognition is a proven way to motivate and engage employees. A cloud R&R platform helps you show your appreciation to your employees instantly and effectively from anywhere in the world.

Encourage learning:

Your employees are saving up a significant amount of time on commuting to the office and they would want to make the best use of the time. It is a great time to learn something new and as their manager, you can play their part in encouraging that. Today, most employees want to get trained on the skills of tomorrow, especially courses like AI, Machine Learning & Data Analytics are top-rated across industries. You can offer an e-learning course of their choice from the plethora of online courses that are available in the market. You could also encourage non-work related courses such as painting, cooking classes, self-defense classes, etc. 

Provide support for equipment and other necessities:

If you want your employees to deliver the best, you must equip them with the best tools and technologies. You want to minimize technology as a hurdle in their productivity. If buying laptops in bulk is not feasible at the moment, perhaps offer financial assistance such as bearing broadband costs.


Providing these things to your employees can keep them feeling happy and appreciated while they balance the new normal of working from home.