5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Selecting Your Next Hire

You’ve scoured hundreds of resumes and screened a number of candidates through the  interview process and you’re confident that one of these candidates is the right fit for your team. Now the pressure is on to choose the right candidate…

Pay Attention to the Questions They Ask

All great candidates should have questions about the job, your company, and the culture. Were the questions insightful? Did they give an indication of how enthusiastic they are about the role? Meaningful information about their level of interest, the way they diagnose problems, how they process data can be crucial.

Ask Yourself 5 Questions

There are 5 main questions you want to be able to answer before you offer a role to any candidate:

  • Can the candidate do the job?
  • Are they motivated to do the job?
  • Is the candidate interested in learning new skills?
  • Is the candidate coachable?
  • Are they a fit for your team culture?


Make sure you look beyond the skills and how candidates look on paper. The best candidate should have the most necessary skills but also have the potential to grow and be a culture fit for your team.

Before making the final decision on the best candidate, this stage of full cycle recruiting might include a background check of employees and/or their references.