How to Use Social Media to Recruit

Online recruiting can be one of the most convenient ways to connect and find new candidates. Social media is tricky however, because it combines both personal and professional life accomplishments and verges ambiguity for certain relationships.

Promote Your Culture

One of the best things you can do is to just be yourself and promote what you are all about. Be authentic. Being behind a screen can make it easy to emulate a different personality that isn’t your own and take on new attractive characteristics, however, as a recruiter you should stay as genuine as possible. Authenticity will help you gain trust when actually connecting candidates and keep a consistent image when you are talking with them.
Participate in Public Conversation
On any of the major social media platforms, especially LinkedIn, engagement is key. If you want to interact with people, you should aim for the relevant conversations in the space that you are looking to recruit. Use hashtags to easily find the ways to the topics of your interest.

Try to Find Niche Networks

Niche communities discuss events and certain topics within their closed loop. Participating in these groups can reap great benefits and allow for more personal interactions within your network. Similarly, these network opportunities can also allow for more industry specific placement opportunities.

Get your fellow recruiters involved

If you are in a recruiting agency or HR setting, you can find great success in asking your teammates to promote you. Getting them involved over social media is made really simple and can be as easy as them sharing a post or piece of content that you’ve made. This can also help boost your credibility when other people see this content, making you that much more qualified.

Every recruitment campaign begins with a plan with specific and measurable goals in mind. Creating a plan of action and using these tips and tricks can make your recruitment efforts utilizing social media that much more effective.