Standing Out from Other Candidates When Applying

If you’ve been applying to a number of jobs with little luck, it could be that your resume is getting lost in the pack of the seemingly countless other applicants applying for the same jobs. It’s also a possibility that you’re running into ATS issues with your resume, and you can read more on working around that here.  It’s imperative to find ways to distinguish yourself in a compelling way.

We asked our Executive Recruiters what makes one candidate stand out over the others — here’s what they said.

  1. Provide a link to your online portfolio or social media profiles.

Provide recruiters and hiring managers with all the information they need upfront by including a link to your social media profiles on your resume. You can also display an online portfolio on a personal website with past work experience, all of your social media accounts, as well as a resume. 

  1. Customize your resume or application so it aligns with the job posting.

When an applicant takes the time to utilize the verbiage that is in the job posting in their resume or application, it shows the recruiter that you’re attentive to the requirements and have relevant experience at your current or past employer. Recruiters don’t have excessive time to read through profiles, so when they see a candidate with skill sets that align with the job requirements, it sets a candidate apart.

  1. Focus on accomplishments and results

A good way to stand out is to make your accomplishments front and center on your resume. When focusing on accomplishments, provide specificity: How much money did you earn for your company? How much did you save? How many people did you manage? What products did you launch? What programs did you implement? Once you’ve listed your accomplishments, then support them with skills and positions.

  1. Project a positive attitude.

Every legitimate candidate will have a well-established resume. However, to see the charisma and positive energy that an eager candidate carries with them is a game-changer. Marginally less experience but a better drive and passion than another candidate can set you apart immediately. Be authentic in your eagerness to perform to job requirements.

  1. Demonstrate you can solve a problem for the company.

Find a problem or opportunity that directly affects the company you are applying to. Create a blog post specifically outlining how to solve the problem or how to take advantage of the opportunity. Clearly outline the steps the company should take. Instead of posting it as a blog post, paste it into an email and send it to the person in charge of hiring. Attach a resume, but make the resume a link in the footnote to the email/blog post.