Why Choose WPA For Your Business?

Have you ever wished you could just design a dream talent team on demand? That’s exactly what we do. World Premier Agency is a recruitment solution helping companies of all sizes find and hire top talent. Whether helping newly-funded startups committing to their first big hire, or just taking the responsibilities off an in-house team, we can fill your open roles with our pipeline of highly qualified candidates, and set the precedent for a proactive talent strategy and reputation for the future.

For Startups

Early hires can make or break a startup. We assist founders in finding the perfect fit for management and other early roles, plus we build a talent strategy that works even as the company doubles in size.

For Large Companies

We operate as if we are a part of your own in-house team of recruiters, fully committed and only sending you the best pre screened, qualified candidates.

For In-house Recruiters

Many of our clients are VPs of Talent or Heads of HR teams who need to maximize their resources with an agency that understands their goals.


With WPA, you can:

  • Find, and hire top talent now
  • Scale your recruiting ability whenever you need
  • Hire quickly in new markets
  • Hit your headcount and growth goals
  • Put hiring performance metrics in place
  • Build a pipeline of qualified, interested candidates

There’s no single secret to building great teams. It is about working hard to find talented people to join you and your business. World Premier Agency builds a curated pipeline of qualified candidates to fit the skill set your team is looking for. Our team of experienced executive recruiters concentrate on quality rather than quantity of candidates, sending regular updates to keep you informed throughout our process. Our product is recruiting – we continue to iterate on our process, hire after hire, to be more effective and efficient for our clients.