Frequently asked questions

Check out the list of our frequently asked questions. Our Executive Recruiters answer the following questions regularly to business owners looking for Direct Hire solutions.

Employer Direct Hire FAQs

Yes, we work with candidates from across the United States to help fill both onsite and remote roles. We are experts in the virtual interview, hiring and onboarding process too. 

Of course. We are working with candidates in lots of different locations so we will be able to find talent close to your office/site. 

We will partner with you to fulfill your hiring needs. We will take the time to learn about your company, it’s culture, the role and your ‘must haves’. We will use our extensive network, partnered job boards and head hunting abilities to find a shortlist of candidates for you. You will conduct interviews with your selected candidates and make the decision of which candidate you would like to hire. We will provide a consultative approach and remain in close contact throughout the process to ensure you find your perfect candidate! 

Dedicated recruiters that care about the candidate experience and include multiple touch points along the way to ensure a positive experience for all parties.

Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Technology, Engineering, Retail, Accounting, Financial Services & Banking. 

As soon as you know you need to make a hire let us know. We can help you fill urgent vacancies and also help you to meet longer-term hiring needs.

We will start working on your open position immediately. We will talk through the time frames when we have a solid understanding of the level, location, and complexities of the role. If you need us to work urgently to fill a vacancy, we can absolutely do that!

Absolutely, we have a team of specialist recruiters who can find talented candidates for multiple positions across different disciplines within your organization. 

We see ourselves as a partner and will work tirelessly to find the right candidate for you. We pride ourselves on meeting all of our candidates, ensuring that the profiles we present to you not only match the requirements of the role but are also a great culture fit for your team and organization.