Frequently asked questions

Check out the list of our frequently asked questions. Our Executive Recruiters answer the following questions regularly to business owners looking for Direct Hire solutions.

Job Seekers Direct Hire FAQs

WPA can help you find your next position whether you are active or passive in your job search. Our recruiters take your skills and match them to open positions.  To inquire about openings, send us your resume and share a few  bullet points about what you are looking for and we can get started!

Yes! Send us your resume.

Job Seekers do not have to pay for our recruiters to help with their job search.

We have offices throughout California in Stockton, Modesto, and San Diego and have recruiters across the country to help place you in the best position.

Yes! If you are only looking at remote positions please note that when you send your resume or speak with one of our recruiters and we will focus on those roles.

Our recruiters will review and reach out with any additional questions. From there we look to match you with open positions and will keep you posted along the way. Please continue to keep looking at our website and LinkedIn page for updates too. 

Our recruiters are dedicated to helping you find a position and have a great experience along the way. This means keeping you in the loop along the way and ensuring all of your questions are answered! Our recruiters have a variety of backgrounds so between them they can work to find the best fit for your future role.