Frequently asked questions

Check out the list of our frequently asked questions. Our team is regularly adding updates and other information to clear queries of clients. If you have any doubts or suggestions, please feel free to talk to us. Our payroll professionals answer the following questions regularly to business owners looking for payroll solutions.

The use of payroll services is an excellent initiative for businesses to build trust among their staff. With proper payroll services, employees of any organization are in control of checking their benefits and compensation. For instance, they don’t need to visit the office to collect their paycheck. The service enables staff members to print their pay stubs online from anywhere and check their thorough payroll history.

We have designed our payroll software to meet the payment management requirements of most businesses. The industries we serve include manufacturing firms, service providers, non-profit organizations, and others.

No matter what’s the size of your organization, we avail our payroll solutions to companies of all sizes.

We have designed our payroll software by considering the needs of different businesses. Our payroll system is not only for payroll specialists, but it is also customized for business owners as well as HR personnel. The system is straightforward and user-friendly, allowing you to go through every step of the payroll process.

Whether you’re operating a small company or a well-established firm, payroll can be time-consuming, complex for all business owners. Our payroll solution can simplify your payroll management so that you can focus on other essential operations of your organization.   

World Premier Agency started offering payroll services in 2015. Since then, we have worked with lots of companies and have built a loyal customer base successfully.    

Obviously not. In fact, you will get hands-on control of the major aspects which are operating payroll. With WPA Payroll solutions, you will have direct access to your payment management – you can run payroll anytime you want.

Most of the accountants suggest their clients go with payroll services. You may go through our pricing schedule or reach out to our team to check if WPA Payroll can process your payroll for less.

Our Payroll solutions are online, simple, and most importantly, affordable. The online payroll system can save time for both employers as well as employees. For more details, you can consult our payroll professionals.

Absolutely not. All you require is a stable internet connection. Business owners can even process payroll from their mobile devices. You do not have to install, update, or maintain any hardware or software; we will take care of everything.

WPA Payroll automatically calculates, deducts, files, and pays all local, state, and federal payroll taxes. Once you submit your payroll information, we will optimize all calculations, deductions, and filings related to the tax. Our payroll experts will then deposit them into the right government accounts. This is how it works.

Our fee structure is transparent and straightforward – there are no hidden charges or add-ons. For more details about our payroll rates, browse our website or directly talk to us.