Pricing for On-boarding Top Talent

We are offering multiple plans and packages to meet the needs of employers from different industries. Choose the plan that fits your needs best.

Our Core Plan

Get immediate access to qualified, trained professionals of your specific industry and select the right candidate to fill vacancies in your company.

Reach Out to Industry’s Top Talent
X (Number) - Day Active Job Postings
Exclusive Technical Support
Professional HR Assistance
Time Management Strategy

Our Premium Plan

Fulfill your high-volume recruitment needs by purchasing this plan.

Access to Experienced Candidates Internationally
Management of Job Offers and Documents
Certified, Pro HR
Employee Directory & Surveys
Best-in-Class Support
Time Management Strategy

Our Executive Plan

Unlock your access to on-demand professionals to fill high-profile job positions and protect what matters most.

White-Glove Customized Setup
Personalized Strategies to Meet Needs Personal HR Advisor
Comprehensive & Speedy Turnaround
Management of Job Offers and Documents
Employee Directory & Surveys
24/7 Expert Support
Time Management Strategy

Browse the extensive list of a highly targeted audience of Entertainment & Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Fashion & Beauty, Air & Space, Cannabis, and Payroll Professionals and make the right pick within no time.

  • Access to International Talent Online
  • Full-Time Account Management
  • Active Job Listings
  • Provide Detailed Employee Profiles
  • Job Post-Analytics
  • Accuracy & Result Guaranteed
  • Social Media Promotion
  • No Hidden Charges Ever

Partner with World Premier Agency and open your doors to the successful promotion of your brand. We have designed customized online strategies to help our clients build a comprehensive recruiting plan.

A Dedicated Platform for the Most Promising Talent

Get immediate access to the largest pool of active and qualified Entertainment & Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Fashion & Beauty, Air & Space, Cannabis, and Payroll Professionals and be ready to take your business to the next level. Our audience generates over unlimited monthly page views from highly-potential, highly-engaged job seekers in your industry.

Advanced-Technology Tools for Recruitment

Our full set of HR hiring tools is in-built so that employers can have an extensive list of the right talent without wasting their time and resources.

  • Search, Filter, and Manage Active Candidates
  • Job Description Templates
  • Have Direct Access to Potential Candidates’ Resumes
  • Real-Time Activity Updates & Dashboard Analytics
  • Exclusive Customer Support

Want to Amplify Your Employer Brand?

If you want more exposure, we provide you with several ways to boost your job listings and employer brand.


Make your job listings captivating with extra content & additional photos and attract more job seekers towards your brand


Let us help you leverage your reach on different social media platforms.


Committed Emails

Grab the spotlight to the potential audience through exclusive emails. Create content and take over our weekly newsletter, ‘The Business We Serve.’

Featured Job Listing

Promote your job listing to thousands of subscribers in our weekly newsletter, ‘Great Opportunities, Everybody,” which features the latest job opportunities on World Premier Agency.

Sponsored Newsletter

Present your content to multiple subscribers in our bi-weekly newsletter, ‘Your On-Boarding Partner,’ which features the latest news and FAQs from the industry.

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