Chaz Forks is an Area Manager in World Premier Agency. He has accomplished an HR leader with experience in different industries, including Packaged Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Wine, Distribution Centers, and Warehouse. Chaz has hands-on experience in HR with a proven track record of success. With years of in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry, he knows how to leverage technology to identify issues and find the best solutions to deliver quick and sustained results.

He is proactive in his approach and knows how to put the “humanity” in Human Resources. Chaz can be a perfect choice for his flexibility, strong leadership, and wealth of experience. He is an excellent people manager with a great ability to lead, engage, and work with.

His focused nature, result-oriented strategies, and people management skills make him the best fit for all organizations. He has exceptional PR and business networking qualities and is always willing to help people around him. The best thing about Chaz is that he’s always ready for change and ready to innovate.

Chaz is passionate about people, processes, and technology and loves pairing them together. His years of experience in HR has given him the ability to work with these three aspects and use them to mentor and coach people, watch them find new paths, grow their careers, and become leaders of well-known organizations.

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